It’s so hard to say goodbye to a pet you love dearly.

A RemembeRing gives you a special way to create a lasting connection with your furry companion at the end of life. To help with letting go, the Inner Token gives you a place to write a farewell message right from the heart. And by turning the Outer Ring into a picture frame, it becomes a memorial for holding on. Instructions are included to make sure the process goes smoothly. Additional resources are available on the Guidance tab above.

A RemembeRing is a wonderful way to show you care, so it makes an ideal gift for a grieving friend or family member.


Each RemembeRing (disc) is constructed of heavy rigid paperboard:

  • Outer Ring is 6 inches across
  • Inner Token is 3.5 inches across
  • Die-cut and “nicked” to hold the Token in place until it is pressed out
  • Gloss finish on front
  • Reverse is blank, white, and matt to make writing easy
  • Tribute Kit Backer is ~6.5W x 9H

Each Tribute Kit also contains instructions, photo sleeve, adhesive strips, hang tab, and magnet. Made in the USA.

All you need to have is your pet’s photo (or other mementos) and a pen or marker, and your RemembeRing will be ready.

Especially at this difficult time, your satisfaction is guaranteed.