For Professionals

To the veterinary clinicians, psychotherapists, healthcare providers, bereavement coordinators, teachers, school counselors, crematory and cemetery staff, and pastoral care providers who attend to people when they lose a pet —Thank you for your remarkable commitment to helping others. Your role and services in response to a pet’s death are so important due to your empathy, experience and expertise.

For all professionals who support the bereaved, we recommend having RemembeRings on hand in the event of a pet loss. It is a powerful, meaningful way to help. With this in mind, we offer a discounted multi pack, making it easy to be ready.

We acknowledge that some circumstances with pet loss may not lend themselves to RemembeRings and know your best judgment will guide you in making that determination. If a RemembeRing can be introduced during a meeting or appointment in advance of the pet’s passing, then the family can reflect and prepare better. While such anticipatory grief is hard for loved ones, it gives them more time to reconcile themselves to the reality of the loss. Please contact us here if you’d like specific suggestions for introducing families to RemembeRings. You can also direct them to this website to decide if this intervention is right for them, along with accessing other resources related to grief.

For Our Veterinary Friends

End-of-life care is a profound and sacred responsibility, especially for veterinary clinicians due to the unique responsibility of guiding decision-making as you facilitate the most comfortable death possible. While attending to the animal, the distress of the family further intensifies this experience. Sometimes you may find yourself and your team feeling overwhelmed, preoccupied, or discouraged in your efforts to address clients’ emotional needs. As their personal hardship extends to veterinary professionals, it places you at risk for compassion fatigue. RemembeRing serves as an innovative healing intervention — for both the vet team and the pet’s family — because it brings support and solace at this critical turning point in life.


Grief is a normal and natural process; however, the loss of a loved one can cause such emotional distress that warrants professional help, which is beyond the scope of RemembeRing. While our product is designed as a compassionate intervention, our materials and website content are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional mental health evaluation, counseling or care, especially in a crisis and if severe grief persists.

Also, please be aware that people who provide pet loss support vary greatly in their education, training, experience, and expertise; explore your options carefully and consult your healthcare provider as needed.

If you are looking for resources to address thoughts about suicide, self-harming, or harming others, contact 800-273-8255 or visit Call 911 or your local emergency services for help if you are experiencing a mental health emergency.