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A Special Way to Say Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

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RemembeRing celebrates the enduring love within the heartbreak of pet loss

They are dear friends and close family members, so it is often devastating when our beloved pets die. There is a special place in our hearts that is only meant for them. Each RemembeRing creates a lasting legacy that honors the cherished relationship that we'll always share with our loved one.

Whether a companion animal passes suddenly or their death is anticipated, our grief is always unique and complex. We often feel helpless and overwhelmed, yet society tends to minimize how hard it is and expects us to move on quickly. The truth is that all of us deserve patience and compassion during this heartbreaking experience. RemembeRing is here to help and bring comfort as we grieve at our own pace and heal through the loss. 

With broad appeal across faiths, cultures, and ages (3+ years), RemembeRing validates the importance of furry friends in our lives. A universal mourning tradition that supports saying goodbye to a beloved pet is long overdue—RemembeRing is just that!

How to Create Your RemembeRing


All RemembeRings are created by following the same essential process. They can be made in the company of others or solo.

Once completed, the frame is for Holding On — this part is for you. Display and enjoy it as an expression of your enduring love.

The token is for Letting Go — this part is for your beloved pet. Here are some suggestions for it: Cremate or bury it with the deceased. Place it in the cremains vessel or on the grave. Tuck it in the soil in a favorite location of your pet, e.g. yard, trail, garden. Keep it in a dresser or desk drawer. Burn it during a memorial ceremony. Put it in another special place that is personally significant.

STEP 1. Begin by removing the disc from the panel and separate the center token from the outer ring. 

STEP 2.  Write or draw your farewell message to your pet on the back of the center token.

STEP 3. Trim a favorite photo and insert it into the sleeve. Include another memento if you’d like.

STEP 4. Attach the sleeve using the adhesive strips and add the hanger and/or magnet.

The Origin Story

A Love of Pets from the Very Beginning

My name is Emily Piccirillo and I’m RemembeRing’s Founder and CPL (Chief Pet Lover).

I was a lucky kid because my family included lots of pets — dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, turtles, birds, fish, guinea pigs, salamanders, a racoon, an iguana— you name it! They were part of my daily life. My formative years taught me so many lessons about life and death, and how to care deeply and adore another being, even one with a very short existence.

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“When Bella was dying, I didn’t imagine there was something that could really help our family grieve but our RemembeRing gives us lots of comfort. We miss her every single day but then we look at her picture and smile and reminisce together. We feel a little better each time. She knows we still love her and always will." - Sue D., Mother of Three

“I do all I can to support clients when it’s time to say goodbye to their furry family members. It’s so difficult for all of us and professionals like me who provide end-of-life care value ways that ease the heartbreak. RemembeRings help express how much companion animals mean to everyone their lives have touched.” - Leslie M., Veterinarian

“This was such a sweet and meaningful gift to receive when Alfie died. I love knowing that my message stays with Alfie forever while I get to keep his photo and tag in the frame that surrounded the token where my words are written. It reminds me that our hearts are together for eternity.” - Brad P., Pet Dad


For Professionals

To the veterinary clinicians, psychotherapists, healthcare providers, bereavement coordinators, teachers, crematory and cemetery staff, and pastoral care providers who attend to people when they lose a pet —Thank you for your remarkable commitment to helping others. Your role and services in response to a pet’s death are so important due to your empathy, experience and expertise.

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